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Let’s Taco 'Bout It! The Who, What, When, Where?

The Taco Passport is a Spotlight Foundation fundraising initiative. It was created with the goal of connecting communities, local restaurants and customers beyond their current reach, while raising money for remarkable charities. The Taco Passport is a booklet compiled of 2-for-1 coupons from some of the best local taquerias, restaurants, and food trucks in town. Some will be immediately recognizable to all, some will be brand new to the community and some will have a cult following. All of them have one thing in common: Delicious tacos! 100% of the proceeds will be going to charities.

Taco Passports are valid from the time of purchase until the end of the purchase year and are available for the greater Denver and Boulder areas. (Taco Passports are sold separately for each city.)

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