2019 Taco Passport presale Launches april 2019!!!


The Important Stuff:
Who: Denver Taco Passport
What: The Taco Passport is a booklet featuring 2- for-1 coupons from 20 of the best taquerias, restaurants, and food trucks in town. 100% of the proceeds go directly to charity.
When: Valid from purchase until December 30, 2018
Where: Greater Denver Area! 
Why: To raise money for some phenomenal local charities as well as shining a light and increasing foot traffic to local businesses. 
Let’s Taco Bout It!
The Taco Passport was created with the goal to connect great local restaurants, customers, and communities beyond their current reach, while passing on all the profits to three great local charities. The Passport is compiled of 20 restaurants, food trucks and taquerias throughout greater Denver area. Some will be immediately recognizable to all, some will be brand new to the community and some will have a cult following. All of them have one thing in common: Delicious tacos. 100% of the profits will be going straight to local charities. Spend local, donate local.
Are you charging the restaurants? Absolutely not! The goal is to not only raise money for local charities but to increase foot traffic and business for locally owned businesses as well.
Where can I buy? Passports are available for purchase at www.TacoPassport.com
How much does it cost? The Passport will cost $20 and at least $15 of that will be going directly to charity!
How long is the Passport valid for? Valid all of 2018 (Now - December 31, 2018)
What Restaurants are on the Passport?
Comida, Lola, Los Chingones, El Jefe, Adelitas, Uno Mas, Tacos Tequila Whiskey, Teal Tacos, Mas Kaos and many more!
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